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7 steps to Financial Freedom inside the book called Money, master the Game

If we could being away from believing that money is something that we contend for we can begin to master cash. Life is around living in relationship with others and also the money we get in our lives can be a direct representation of those connections. Maximize your favorable contribution to the globe as well as wealth becomes a by item of that.

Tony is incredibly well-off however he really did not established out to create a book that was just beneficial to those that are affluent. Tony believes in the power of generosity as well as appreciation so this book is all concerning providing back to those who are browsing for monetary freedom.

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Flower of Life, Merkaba and Sacred Geometry of Our Ancestors

flower of life symbolNobody knows exactly when the absolutely perfect image of the flower of life appeared the first time, where it’s coming from and when was the time when humans lost the most of their abilities, the things which we in these days reckon as miracles were absolutely normal. Some people, with their deeper connection with the earth and universe, could totally enlighten many so-called mysteries or answers on the questions such as why we are here and how did we come here. The majority of the world scientists already know that Darwin and his human evolution theory was only partially right, that he was missing some important parts and explanations in his theory.


Everything has a lot to do with a sacred geometry and our energetic magnetic field around our body, every single person has one. Through studying sacred geometry and practicing meditation, we can activate our Merkaba which holds unlimited potential and limitless amount of energy.

In the books, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume 1 and 2, Drunvalo Melchizedek lays down his whole life study not just sacred geometry, but also the unique meditation techniques that open up the door into the different levels and dimensions by expanding our consciousness and using our full human potential. His life has been and is, absolute miracle and many would say that it’s all made up, but after the all so-called coincidences, I had after I started to be aware of everything around me, everything was leading me to the right information that I just needed to believe a little bit more. I highly recommend these two books.

These were the first books that Drunvalo wrote, after then he wrote 3 more books subsequent to the subject. It’s a heavy stuff, and I noticed that a lot of people just cannot absorb that properly or at all, and that’s fine, their time will come, just not now.

The symbol of the Flowe of Life has been found in the several ancient places all around the planet earth, including Himalayas, Tibet, Peru, North America, Egypt, China, Cave art in Australia and Africa. Therefore, somehow we all forgot all about it, about the importance of the symbols in sacred geometry and how it closely tights together with our existence.